The THRIVE way of life does not end outdoors.  Here are some other things we, and our friends are up to…

Bijo Designs:  Be Bold. Be You. BIJO  A unique selection of handcrafted jewelry and jewelry boxes by Erica Watters.bijo banner

Rogue Images:  Adventure, Lifestyle, and Fine Art photography from around the world by Justin & Erica Watters.

Rogue Images Banner- Miyako

3 thoughts on “THRIVEnetwork”

  1. Thank you for your magnificent review on Trip Advisor on the Village above the Clouds Bali stay !! It’s the kind of trip review that you look for when you are searching for some of the authenticity of tourist places you visit, getting out the beaten track.

    You have given me the idea to do a vow renewal ceremony as we will be there celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. How was it?

    Due to your comments we have decided to stay 3 nights in July. We hope to enjoy it -at least- as much as you did.

    I really like your blog and your Thrive tribe rebel attitude. It gives hope to see life can be approached differently.

    Gracias amigo !


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Emilio! Your comment has prompted us to go looking through photos again and reminisce about the time we had. My lady Erica and I felt like a king and queen during the ceremony. It was really special, and Carla and Josep went above and beyond.

      Definitely let us know how it goes. I’d love to see some pics. Please give those two a big hug from us when you arrive!

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