Zen Sunday – Edition #7 (via The BullPen)

Bill McEwen at The BullPen Magazine liked our style so much that he featured TO and Rogue Images in “Zen Sunday!!” Check out his mag- it’s “Probably the best online magazine. Ever”

Zen Sunday - Edition #7 By Bill McEwen The following photos are all from a very cool blog called Thrive Outdoors. I’ve been in contact with the guy who runs it – Justin Watters – over email for about a week now and he has agreed to let me throw up some of his photos from his many adventures. I wanted to do a big write-up on his blog, but I figured the description comes best from the horse’s mouth. Here’s a bit of our email conversation: BP: What’s the best way to descri … Read More

via The BullPen

3 thoughts on “Zen Sunday – Edition #7 (via The BullPen)”

  1. Hey guys,
    The Bullpen can now be found at thebullpenmagazine.ca, or thebullpenmagazine.com – we’ve moved to another host and got a whole new look and feel…come check us out! (and yes, we are still linking to Thrive!)

  2. Dude, it already looks better though.

    I like the image at the top – you guys take really great photos.
    Thanks for liking us on facebook – are you guys on there? I’ll take a look.

    Coding is the bane of my existence man. It’s so time consuming. But always worth it. At least you get to see a tangible improvement yknow?

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