101 DFN… Weekend Adventure to the Top of Arkansas

We’re reaching “The First Ridge,” and closing in on the beginning of Phase 3!  If you have been with us from the beginning, or even if you are just getting started–  We’re stoked to have you.  Nice work!

To celebrate our achievement of Phase 2 and to get a jump start on Phase 3, a few of us plan to find the top of Arkansas this weekend.  It’s called Signal Hill or Mount Magazine and it sits at an elevation of 2,753 feet above Mean Sea Level.  This trek is fairly moderate in difficulty, and offers some of the best backpacking in the region.  Fall colors should be beginning to show, and the views should prove to be outstanding.

76095_168219516538973_2566291_nWe’ve also partnered with the USAF 7 Summits Challenge to help them in their newest quest to bag the highest point in each of the 50 US states.  We will carry the USAF flag with us on our journey, and proudly display it at the top of Signal Hill.  They have this to say about getting outside and into the mountains.

“With the group’s new focus of “Airmen Helping Airmen”, we want to introduce more Airmen to the healing power of the mountains…especially those who may be dealing with the stresses of combat deployments or injuries, or stresses at home.  Getting outdoors, working up a sweat, and reaching a summit is good for the soul.”

This mindset is so compatible with the Thrive lifestyle!  We hope to continue to work with this amazing group and support our US service members.

Are you in Arkansas, Missouri, East Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana or Tennessee?  It would be awesome if you would join us!  Hit us up using the contact form on this page to let us know you are coming, and we’ll send more specific details.  Here’s the basic idea:

From Mt. Magazine State Park Website
  • Friday, 11 October:  Rally at Loop A of the Cove Lake Recreation Area near Paris, AR.  Campsites are first come, first served.  **Cove Lake is currently open.  There is a small chance that this USFS campground will be closed due to the ongoing circus in Washington D.C.  If that happens– we’ll flex as needed.
  • Saturday & Sunday, 12-13 October:  Depending on the size of our group, experience, weather, etc. we will begin Saturday or Sunday on the Cove Lake Trail with a final destination of Signal Hill.  This is the highest point in Arkansas.  The trip can be completed in 1 or 2 days depending on how fast we move.  There are also plenty of hiking trails, rock climbing, and boating to be had in the area if some of your party will not join the trek.
  • Monday, 14 October:  Family breakfast at Cove Lake.  Break camp, head home.

Recommended gear:

  • “Car camping” stuff for Cove Lake
  • Pack- 25-45 liters
  • Water containers- at least 100 oz capacity
  • Personal med kit to include prescription meds if needed
  • Compass & GPS
  • Cell phone
  • Rain gear & insulation layer
  • Tent or shelter for potential overnight on the trail
  • Sleeping bag & pad
  • Trail food- 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner… and chocolate =)
  • Camp stove to cook trail food if needed
  • Knife or multitool
  • Broken in boots or lightweight hikers

Bring all of your other toys too!  Rock climbing gear, bicycles, kayaks, ATVs.  The Mount Magazine State Park website has loads of info about what the area has to offer.

If you can’t make this trek, maybe you’d like to get involved with the USAF 7 Summits folks and bag your own high point.  Find them on Facebook or check their website for more info on how to help.  The Highpointers Club and Summit Post are great resources for info about the tallest point in each US state.

Hope to see ya at Cove Lake!

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