Want to join the community?  Help it thrive by agreeing to these goals:

1.  Commit to posting at least one epic story, adventure, commentary, etc. per quarter.  That’s just 4 per year!  Posts should reflect the mission and goals of the community, but are not restricted in any way.

2.  Get involved locally, and help keep your favorite playgrounds sustainable.  Join a trail maintenance crew, set up a beach cleanup, donate to a cause…  Whatever.  It’s all about getting out there.  Then, tell us about it.

3.  Spread the love.  Tell people about the group and our ideas.  The larger the tribe, the greater the influence.  This is a great forum to share ideas from around the world!

–Sign up for a username  at, then fire an email to to be added as an author.–


Current Authors:

J Wa- thriveoutdoors
Mike- cy0302

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