101 DFN… Fueling the Machine – 5 Healthy Foodie Sites

Well, the first couple phases have passed!  Are you are struggling to set up your eating habits this week, looking for on-the-go ideas, at a loss for substitutions, or have just run out of new ways to cook your favorites? We are here to help!!  I have put together a list of my go-to foodie websites hoping to inspire you in your own kitchen.  Browse through, explore, have fun, & bookmark them all for easy access!  Your grocery list & stomach will thank you!

|Clean Eating|  

Great for everyone.  Tips, techniques, recipes, gadgets, shopping lists & 2 week MEAL PLANS!! 

You can pick up the magazine monthly at any store.  I keep them as cookbooks in my kitchen!

Cajun Jambalaya Easy Packets
Cajun Jambalaya Easy Packets

|Cooking Light|

Also great for everyone.  Tips, techniques, recipes, & more!

|Nom Nom Paleo|

A fun, quirky blog about life, kids, & Paleo.  Yummy recipes & great photos.  She definitely cracks me up & makes me want to get in the kitchen!

Sweet Potato Hash -For you Ally!
Sweet Potato Hash – For you Ally!

|Tasty Eats At Home|

A well put together blog with Gluten-free & Dairy-free recipes

|My New Roots|

A vegan blog that will blow you away.  Her knowledge, recipes, photography, & passion are just insane.

Kaniwa ‘Farewell to Summer’ salad


My best friend Jen also has a rockin’ page set up with all kinds of tips + healthy recipes. She almost has 900 followers, so you know it’s legit 😉

I encourage all of you to browse each site at least once!  There are so many recipes, for everyones dietary needs, that there are no excuses for any of you not to have healthy, fun, & fulfilling meals this month….

If for any reason you are stuck or have a unique situation – feel free to contact us!!  We are here to help each other, so don’t hesitate!


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