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101 Days From Now… Lifestyle Challenge!

Welcome to our very first Thrive Outdoors Lifestyle Challenge!  We’re calling it “101 Days From Now.”  The challenge is to set up and meet your own goals over a 101 day period in order to permanently change or enhance your lifestyle.

101 DFN officially begins on September 4th, 2013 has officially begun.  Your goals are met and, you are in a much better place on December 14th, 2013! Continue reading 101 Days From Now… Lifestyle Challenge!

2011 Underwater Photo Contest

Living on a sub-tropical island has given me plenty of opportunity to explore the ocean.  I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, so this environment is still pretty new to me.  There is definitely an argument for those “seaside types,” though.

Recently, I entered some of the photos I took over the past year in the 5th Annual Tsunami Scuba Underwater Photo Contest.  The other contestants at the awards banquet were stoked on my rendition of a box jellyfish, and it was voted People’s Choice!  I have to say I walked out with the best prize in the house.  An overnight stay at the YYY Club Ie Resort including dinner and breakfast, and a guided dive excursion for two!  Yes please.  Big thanks to Ryan Stahl and everyone at Tsunami Scuba for putting on the shindig.

So here it is.  The prize photo (It’s the portrait-oriented jellyfish pic).  Along with a few of my other favorites from the last few months.  Cheers.  -THRIVE

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Feel like one of these would look awesome blown up on your wall?  Comment below and I will contact you with more info, or check out Rogue Images.