101 DFN… Phase 1!

101 Days From Now, I am in the best shape of my life!  We are embarking on a 101-day challenge beginning with goal setting and then phased mile markers along the way to create permanent lifestyle changes.

Welcome to Phase 1!  If you are reading this, you have already taken the first step to finding your best lifestyle.  If your just now jumping in, check out the first post here.  Don’t forget to subscribe so you can keep up with the team.

How Long??

Consider this phase your warm up.  101 days is quite the chunk of time right?  We need to pace ourselves.  Have you ever built up a bunch of motivation, and planned an epic workout-regimen/diet/business-venture/road-trip/etc?  You start all at once– full throttle!  But, a few weeks down the road you fizzle out?  I most certainly have failed in this way, at least once, for each example mentioned!

During these 10 days you are dialing in your focus, and preparing yourself.  Visualize where you are in 101 days, and what you have accomplished.

What can you do to aid focus?

  • First– Remove all doubt from your mind.  101 days?  It seems like a long time…  I have 3 kids and 3 jobs…  My vacation is coming up…  Etc, Etc…  Don’t worry about it.  You can do this.  We break it into small pieces, and at the end there is this big bad-ass thing you did.
  • Exercise!  Sweat!  Get sore!  If you have a training plan already, don’t stop.  If you have been in a rut physically, get out there, move, stretch.  Head to the gym and get the first few workouts under your belt.  For me, if I have been sedentary for a while, the first couple workouts are always the worst.  Then, I build up some inertia, and my body gets used to moving.
  • Eliminate excuses.  Build time in your schedule to:  Go to the grocery store, exercise, sleep, etc.  Plan it a week out, and there will be fewer “last-minute” emergencies.

  • Tune up that bike, sign up for the local gym, treat yourself to some brand spankin’ new training kicks or workout gear…Make it fun!
  • Talk about your challenge, and your goals!  Share it, tell your friends, and get them to join you.  This makes the challenge more tangible in your head, and you are more accountable for completing it.

Speaking of Goals, that’s what Phase 1 is all about.  Here’s whatcha gotta do to get started:

  1. Head over to SparkPeople and create an account.  SparkPeople is a cool site that has a wealth of info about food, fitness, and motivation.  You can track calories, set up training plans, and manage goals.  It is one more tool that will make this challenge tangible.
  2. Once you’re in, find and join our 101 Days From Now team at:  http://teams.sparkpeople.com/101dfn
  3. Get familiar with the site, and check out the goals I have already set up for us. 
  4. Read the article I have linked in the “General Team Discussion Forum,” and then download a copy of the SMART Goal-Setting Worksheet.

If you are rarin’ to get going, think about what your overall goal is for the 101 days.  You can begin filling out a goal setting worksheet for your Phase 1 short term goals, or wait for my example before you start.  In the next post we’ll talk a bit more about your other “homework assignments” for Phase 1.  If you have any questions, just send us a message or comment below.


Do More Than Just Survive…  THRIVE!

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