101 DFN… Time to Set Some Goals!

101 Days From Now, I am in the best shape of my life!  We are embarking on a 101-day challenge beginning with goal setting and then phased mile markers along the way to create permanent lifestyle changes.  If you are just joining us, be sure to check out the first post here.  You can find all 101 DFN posts in the “+101 Days From Now” link in the header menu.

i am 1x1

What have you accomplished 101 days from now?

Where are you?

How do you feel?

It’s time to decide on your overarching goal for this challenge.  Document this goal using the Goal-Setting Worksheet from SparkPeople.  Then, the next step is breaking that big goal into smaller pieces.

Your goals for Phase 1 are simple:

  1. Decide what you want to accomplish during the challenge.image(1)
  2. Complete 3 Goal-Setting Worksheets, starting with your overall goal, before the next phase begins on September 14th. One worksheet is used for each of the upcoming phases (2, 3, & 4).  Goals for Phase 2 and 3 should be short and mid-term goals that will ultimately lead you to success in Phase 4.
  3. Talk about your challenge and your goals at least 2 times per day during Phase 1.
  4. Recruit at least one team member that will complete the challenge with you (even if their goals are different) By the end of the phase.
  5. Continue to focus, like we discussed in the previous post.

Have you made it over to SparkPeople yet to download your goal-setting worksheets?  We plan to feature some of you in future posts under a “Challenger Spotlight.”  Some of your goals will be personal, and that is OK.  If you are willing to share, though, please send the details of one of your goals in the contact form below.

Sitting down and actually writing out your goals is difficult.  I stared at a blank worksheet for about a week…  Until now.  Heck the idea for this challenge sat in my notebook for over a year before I made it happen!  So I’ll start.  Here is my overall goal worksheet:

Now that it’s on paper in front of me, I can work on breaking it down into my Phase 2 and Phase 3 goals. You may find that you want to tweak your overall goal as the challenge progresses. That’s cool! Think of it as a “fluid” document.  Part of this challenge is actually realizing where you want to be.

Once you accomplish your own worksheet, carry it with you.  Post it at your desk.  Read it everyday.  Share it with us!  It is now at the front of your mind…

So, what does everyone think of the challenge so far?  We’d love some feedback, and you the challengers can help guide the challenge to benefit everyone the most.  Hit us up in the comments below, or via the contact form!



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