101 DFN… Dialin’ It In

101 Days From Now, I am in the best shape of my life!  We are embarking on a 101-day challenge beginning with goal setting and then phased mile markers along the way to create permanent lifestyle changes.  If you are just joining us, be sure to check out the first post here.  You can find all 101 DFN posts in the “+101 Days From Now” link in the header menu.

Welcome to the halfway point of Phase 1!

You should now have your overall goal for the challenge set.  Your Phase 2 and 3 goals should be pretty well lined out as well, if they are not complete already.  If you are just getting started, or have been procrastinating- no worries!  It can be tough to build up the inertia, but once you do, you won’t want to stop!  Again, here’s a link to a well written article on goal setting, and the goal-setting worksheet that we are using from SparkPeople.  If you’d like to make an account and join our team there, it is one more way to stay motivated and track your progress.

As soon as your goals are set, you can really start looking at your plan to achieve them.  Some highlights of my Phase 2 goal specifics include:

  • Eating 5 times per day; preparing lunches and snacks nightly
  • Training 4-5 times per week; including multiple sports
  • Climbing at least 2 times per week; practicing fundamental technique
  • Cutting out beer and liquor during the week; moderating on weekends
  • Riding my bicycle to work and back at least 1 time per week
  • Swimming 1 time per week; farther/faster each time

With those action steps in mind, I’m dialing in my training plan for the next month:

  • Training:  On days that I can make it to the gym I am utilizing mostly CrossFit-style workouts.  The principles have been around forever, and, for me, build exremely functional strength.  Your Google machine can find hundreds of workouts.  One method of deciding your workout of the day is to print a sheet with lots of workouts, cut them into individual pieces, and then draw a workout (or 2) from a hat.  The idea is to mix it up, and introduce a scary/fun element to the workout.  It is definitely important to have a plan before heading to the gym, though!  At home I utilize a 12-week TRX training program and a few KettleBells that are great for days I can’t make it to the gym.IMG_0380, 2012-04-01
  • Climbing:  On climbing days, I am following a 10-week training program written by a local accomplished climber named Shane.  Each day I make it to the climbing gym, I am continuing with the next day of the program.  —More details on that program soon if there is demand from folks who will benefit.
  • Rest Days/Active Recovery:  Rest day does not mean lay around the house! Your body needs to move in order to recover and maintain inertia.  However, going all-out everyday is pretty rough on the body.  On my planned rest days I am doing things like taking easy bike rides or jogs, stretching, or trying out some Yoga.

Here is a short list of other ideas for you to use while dialing in your own training program:

  • Join the local fitness center.  The YMCAs here in Wichita, KS are among the nicest gyms I have been in.  When you join, you receive 3 free trainer sessions that includes a personalized fitness plan.  I used my sessions for TRX workouts and really learned a lot.  Ask for similar deals at other facilities near you.
  • Join a CrossFit “box.”  There are at least 2 boxes here in Wichita, though I have not had a chance to try either.  AMP CrossFit Box, and CrossFit Wichita.  These are generally more expensive than your standard gym membership, but you essentially have a coach/trainer at every workout.  For the most part, they schedule workouts throughout the day.  You pick a time and work out with a trainer and other members.  It can be a great community to help motivate you, and you never have to plan a workout.
  • Purchase a book with a prebuilt plan like:  “The Special Ops Workout,” or “The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.”  You can follow along at your own pace, and they are extremely well organized and tested.
  • Purchase a TRX system.  The one I have is called “TRX Force Kit:  Tactical.” It came with a booklet that includes the 12-week plan I mentioned above.  These lightweightkits can go anywhere, and can allow folks of all different abilities to workout at the same time.
  • Include swimming as part of your plan.  The Total Immersion technique is one of the best I have found for improving swimming ability.

    TRX adapting to its environment in the jungles of Chitwan, Nepal.
    TRX adapting to its environment in the jungles of Chitwan, Nepal.  Photo:  J. Watters

What are you doing for your Phase 2 Training Program?  Do you need more guidance on building your program?  We’d love to hear about it via email or in the comment section below!  It would be great to feature some of your ideas in a future post to help other challengers meet their goals.

*This article contains Amazon affiliate links.  If you click the link and end up buying the product, we will receive a tiny commission.  If those clicks add up, they may help pay for things like website hosting, domain registration, coffee, etc; which helps us continue to offer free content.  We would never recommend a product that we have not personally tested.

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